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The Conference

Bristol has a long and rich spiritual inheritance, many amazing men and women of God have loved and interceded for this city and for the UK and still do. With many others we are living in anticipation of a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our city and we have included here some prophetic words that we feel God has given us around this conference.

A Season of Release

But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall. Malachi 4:2

March 2008, one of our community had a prophetic dream, here's their account;
"In short, there were a large number of Christians gathered together in a church building - many were praying for healing for the sick - there seemed to be a lot of partial healing going on - everyone trying - no one was healed completely. Then someone in the church building shouted out “The sun of righteousness is here with healing in its wings” (Malachi 4: 2) at this, from the left side of the building came a radiant bright wave of His presence so powerful that no-one could stand. As this happened a dove flew into the sanctuary with an olive branch in its mouth. As I woke two things struck me; firstly there is due a release of Gods power that will come and sweep across the UK bringing Gods healing to many outside the church. Secondly, the dove represents God saying the flood is over! Its time to get out of the ark (Church building), get onto dry land (into the world)."

In January 2009, a Bristol church leader brought a prophetic word for the year. Once again based on Malachi 4:2. He said that he felt that the Lord was opening up a season of release, that people would be released from things that hindered them and released into ministries God had for them.

The reason we named the conference release 2010 was largely down to this prophetic word. We are anticipating a fresh anointing on the existing healing ministries across the UK and believe that bringing Bill Johnson and Mark Stibbe together into Bristol will act as a catalyst.

Bristol - A Gateway City

Like the city of Antioch from which Paul and Silas were commissioned to go and spread the gospel. Bristol is a vibrant port and significant city connecting the east and the west and dubbed by its own local council as the ‘gateway to the South-West’ Many Christians over the years have believed Bristol to also be a ‘spiritual gateway’ city speaking of its potential role in releasing kingdom life throughout the South-West region. We sense God stirring in his people a hunger for a significant release of healing for the city of Bristol and can see God using this “gateway” for the whole of the south-west and beyond.


October 2009. Another prophetic dream. Here's the account;
"In the dream I had inherited a huge house - this house can only be described as the size of a city. It’s rooms were vast - had basements and unending levels. Although it was enormous it had no furniture and was in disrepair. I remember feeling overwhelmed with this inheritance knowing it was virtually impossible for me alone to make this feel like a home. I remember contemplating giving it up as I had no idea how to manage it but I knew that it was too big an inheritance to pass by. Soon I decided the only way to occupy this house was to invite many people to live in it. I invited a small group to start with and within a few hours it seemed they had already decorated and converted the kitchen. This was the pattern. As this proceeded I began to wander and ended up in the basement level. It was here I began to find secret hidden things. In one room there was a small old wooden door in the middle of one of the walls - I opened it to find a wine cellar. I picked out a dusty bottle of red wine and on the label it said it was bottled in 1771. I went to another room and in the middle of the room was a huge bottle of perfume so big it reached the ceiling."

Are we believing for a city?

Is God trying to get our attention for us to realise that we, the body of Christ, have inherited influence over cities/regions? Is our ‘house’ bigger than we think? One thing is clear - If this is true it will need everyone in His body to get involved - everyone will need to occupy - everyone working together.

An angel of unity

During a time of intercession a member of our community had a vision of an angel. Here's his account:
"As we were praying last night I saw an angel sitting on the top of the block of flats. He was massive – he was sat on top of the flats as a child might sit on a kitchen worktop – swinging his legs and waiting for something. His legs must have been at least 5-6 storeys of the tower block. Anyway, at one moment Ruth prayed (can’t remember what) and I saw the angel jump down and stand to attention, ready for action. Just an extra bit I got today – I saw him take a silver / luminescent needle and thread and begin to run round Stokes Croft and Bristol, stitching and weaving people and places together. He went into churches, offices, government buildings, homes . . .Just felt it was an angel of unity.'"

Do we know our Spiritual Inheritance?

Bristol has a huge spiritual legacy with the likes of the Jeffery brothers (who held a healing conference in the colston hall in 1930’s which had such powerful effect it hit the media), George Muller, Wesley brothers, George Whitefield and the list goes on. We felt that God is urging us to unlock and grab hold of the inheritance that has been left for us by past moves of God.

The 1771 trail

Intrigued by the wine labeled 1771? We were. We googled Bristol 1771. It so happens that in 1771 the most significant methodist conference was held in Bristol by Wesley and Whitfield, where a young man by the name of Francis Asbury came, got so impacted, that he signed up to take this move of God to America. Asbury founded the methodist movement that spread across the United States. Interesting. We believe this conference is timely.

Mid October 2009. Treasure Hunting

A few people asked God for clues to go treasure hunting out in Bristol. They got a picture of a red generals jacket and the name 'picton street' (a street in Bristol). They proceeded to picton street to see what God was going to do. On the wall of one of the houses was a metal painting of "General Picton" sure enough wearing the red generals jacket, a man whom the street had been named after. Google played a major part again and interestingly they found out that general piction had started his service for the military in 1771!

November 2009. A trip to Charles Wesley’s house. Here's the account:
"A few of us arranged to go and see Charles Wesleys house in Bristol. in the first room the tour guide began to talk about charles and susannah wesley living in the house in the 18th century, how they had lived there with their children, dispensed medicines from the kitchen, composed hymns in the music room and entertained visitors in the parlour. the tour guide then said that the wesleys had lived in this house between 1739 and 1771, after which they had left to live in London. ‘did you just say 1771’ we all interrupted ...1771? the tour guide explained that the wesleys had left Bristol to go to London for their children's education in 1771. it was that date again....."